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150pcs hybrid inverter with built in MPPT solar charge controller order Jul 31,2021.

Mr. Luo from Thailand sent us message on Alibaba at 7:00 in the morning, and he asked about our new product - Touch screen solar inverter hybrid MPPT controller. After receiving his message, we immediately sent him the inverter’s specification, prices, detailed product pictures and test videos. Mr. Luo is very interested in this, especially the inverter’s touch color screen function, customer can check and modify the specification of the inverter by clicking on the screen.


After that, we spent one month to discuss the product and contract details. Mr. Luo hopes to produce according to the machine template he gave, and at the same time adds the function of automatically detecting the charging and discharging voltage of the lithium battery, and on the side of the machine Two dust-proof panels are added to the air inlet to prevent dust and small insects from entering the inside of the machine. After many communications, Mr. Luo was very satisfied with the samples, and finally purchased 100pcs 3kw 48v and 50pcs 6kw 48V solar hybrid inverter.


The goods arrived at Mr. Luo's warehouse in about 20 days. And within one month, his 150pcs inverter were sold out quickly. Mr. Luo said that our inverter are fashionable and advanced, simple in operation, and high in inverter efficiency, which are very popular with his customers. We are currently preparing for the next order.


Sunchees provide OEM service, accepts trial orders, send your inquire and let us discuss more!

3KW hybrid inverter with MPPT charge controller

hybrid inverter controller production

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